Joseph Stone Capital Complaints?

We ask our customers to share your complaints with us at Joseph Stone Capital

Tips on how to handle customer complaints

Complaints against financial institutions or complaints about financial services should be discussed with the financial institution concerned. All regulated financial services firms should have a complaint handling procedure in place as per the Consumer Protection Code. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without their approval, your business will never grow, which is why customer service is so important. 

More now than ever, thanks to the internet and social media, people are becoming increasingly vocal about their experiences with businesses – whether it is good or bad. Unfortunately for customer-centric businesses, no matter how well you treat your clients and no matter how efficiently you run your business, you will get a customer complaint at some point. 

Nobody likes to deal with customer complaints, but these painful occurrences at times can be a chance for you and your business to stand out. This is your opportunity to create a happy and loyal customer for life. Joseph Stone Capital says that outstanding customer service must always be a priority, but in the unfortunate event that you receive a customer complaint, here are the tips on how to handle it.

  • Frequently, if a customer comes to you with an issue, it means that they want to be heard. Even if the complaint seems unimportant to you, it clearly has some meaning to them as they are taking their time to reach out to you. At times people complain just because they are having a bad day, but remember that we all have bad days and you never know what is going on in that individual’s life. Active listening techniques can be used with your clients all the time. Hear them and pay close attention to what they are saying. When frustrated, people can have problem expressing their concerns or what they need from you to make them happy. Enabling your customer to talk will give him or her time to calm down. Frequently, you can resolve an issue just by listening to your customers and enabling them to vent.
  • It may be extremely hard to do, you should stay calm when dealing with a customer complaint. This can be difficult, particularly since your business is possibly a point of immense pride for you. But do not take the complaint personally; it is not a personal attack. Often, a customer complaint will emphasize an area that you can improve upon within your business. Not only that, but getting upset, losing your cool, or shouting at a customer is never a good thing. You are more likely to make good development and satisfy your customer’s requirements if you approach the trouble with a calm state of mind.

Joseph Stone Capital says that dealing with customer complaints is not fun for most of us, but if done in a warm, specialized manner, chances are both you and your customer will be satisfied with the outcome, and you will end up with a life-long customer.