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Joseph Stone Capital is a Full-Service Financial management company, headquartered in Mineola, NY.

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Tips on how to handle negative customer reviews

Having negative reviews about your company or your products and services will turn consumers away immediately. It is truly that simple. Consumers do nearly everything online and people use the internet to shop and carry out pre-purchase research. They compare prices, brands, and products online. 9 out of 10 customers use search engines to do their online research before making a purchase. When researching, customers come across online reviews-positive and negative-on brands and products.

Joseph Stone Capital says that positive reviews are advantageous for your business as they improve your name, enhance ranking on search engines, increase sales, and boost productivity. On the other hand, negative reviews have several detrimental effects on businesses irrespective of the size. Here are some of them along with the latest statistics.

  • Negative reviews can damage the reputation you have built for years. They make prospective customers trust your business less. Several people do not buy from a store with a bad reputation and questionable credibility. Most consumers question the quality of a company with negative reviews. Abundant negative reviews are difficult to fix, making it hard to regain consumers’ trust.
  • Review ratings affect the way your business ranks on search engines. Negative ratings make your business to rank poorly as search engines suggest the best enterprises to users.
  • Negative reviews succeed in chasing away clients from your business to your competitors. Research shows that a negative review drives away prospects and customers. The proportion of lost customers increases with an augment in negative reviews. Three negative reviews drive away customers and more than four negative reviews increase your lost customers.

Joseph Stone Capital says that it is important to respond to reviews immediately or as promptly as possible. Most enterprises ignore negative reviews and do not have strategies in place on how to address them effectively. It is a best practice to respond to both positive and negative reviews. Research shows that enterprises that respond to over 20% of reviews get 33% more revenue than average enterprises.

He also says that a business can invest in online reputation intelligence tools and reputation management. These tools and services can help you ensure that your online reputation is optimistic. They also offer you tools to deal with negative reviews effectively.

Online reviews are a way for customers to convey their experience with your business. But, when customers relay negative reviews, it damages your business. Thus, it is necessary for businesses to monitor their online reviews so that their brand is well represented. Make sure you stay on top of customer reviews to maintain a positive reputation.